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  • City Clinic - Bolzano
  • Casa della Salute Navile -...
  • Tromsø - Norvegia
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  • Ospedale Humanitas - Rozzano...
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  • Private Clinic - Qatar
  • Private Hospital - Middle East

Malvestio Social Wall

Pediatric room: from Pediatric room: from concept to mock-up room
Malvestio augura a tutte le donne una buona Giornata internazionale della donna 2018! Scopri storie di donne da tutto il mondo nel #GoogleDoodle di oggi!
Humanizing the intensive care unit experience #humanization #icu #hospitalexperience
Being close to the n Being close to the new-born is important in order to reassure them, make them feel protected and to convey the love of the mother. For new-born babies it is important to be able to recognize their mother, to watch her, ...
L'innovativo letto terapeutico VIVO presso un importante struttura di terapia intensiva. #vivo #terapiaintensiva #terapeutico #innovazione #ingegneriaclinica #passystem #terapiadirotazione
ELEVA gynaecological ELEVA gynaecological examination couch with electric variable height. Examination couch, 3 sections, with electric variable height. Lifting by means of a 24V electric actuator controlled by a push-button handset. Painted steel frame. Backrest adjustable by a gas pump with lever ...
The Inthes stretcher The Inthes stretcher is used in critical care units such as first aid, or emergency dept.
VIVO offers a wide a VIVO offers a wide area of radiotransparency for fluoroscopic examinations and the use of the most common C arm equipment. The backrest can be equipped with an x-ray cassette holder for chest x-ray examinations, without moving the patient and at ...
The versatility of t The versatility of the UNIka modular multi-function storage system affords various furnishing solutions, answering any ward/ department need. The modules are fitted to appropriately contain equipment, pharmaceuticals, and all types of necessary material. UNIkaIA, a modular multifunction storage system in ...

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