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  • Casa di Cura Villa Maria -...
    Ward dept
  • Villa Serena - Palermo (Italy)
    Ward dept
  • Ospedale Privato Santa Viola...
    Ward dept
  • Ommelander Hospital Group -...
    Dialysis dept.
  • Hospital Nacional de niños...
    Pediatric dept
  • Private Clinic - Qatar

Malvestio Social Wall

Malvestio will be closed from 11th August to 26th August for summer holidays. #happyholidays
Medical trolley char Medical trolley characterised by rounded lines, without corners and sharp edges, allows optimum sanitation.
Letti Gamma3 speciali per il reparto di pediatria #bambinogesu #palidoro #gamma3 #lettopediatrico #pediatria #dimensionispeciali
Malvestio believes t Malvestio believes that Quality is a fundamental part of the company strategy providing a constant reference for company policies not only as far as product quality and customer satisfaction are concerned, but also as to organization and efficiency. ISO 9001 ...

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