The numbers of a story

The numbers of a story

Some stories seem difficult to tell with numbers: a man’s dream, the sacrifices to make it come true, the everyday passion for work.
Yet, when more people put their skills together, it’s the numbers that give the size of the dream that came true. We’ve always taken pride in people first and then in the numbers, as we believe that when everyone joins forces for a common goal, numbers come by themselves.
It’s a confidence that stems from the awareness of our experience inside Malvestio. It is not the numbers that make us successful, it is the people who allow us to reach them.

In 1937, Mr. Guido Malvestio, founder of the Group, starts with vigour and determination a small metal-working artisan activity, under a covered area of 120 sq.m, dedicating every energy to it.
Prompted by his intuition and his proactivity this company is now an active international player, known and appreciated for the quality of its productts.
Since 2001 his sons Marino and Giuseppe lead and manage the company which counts over 220 employees in the three companies of the group, and preserve the mark and the “style” that their father has established along the decades.

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