Monodose trolley, n.48 medication bin, 45+45cm drawers

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The structural body of the trolley is made by assembling composite materials, each one of which is chosen to optimise the functionality, reliability and sanitising of the product. Defined by an attentive ergonomic study, it guarantees maximum stability in every condition of use and offers excellent manoeuvrability, even when fully loaded. Self-bearing structure, made of epoxy powder coated steel sheet and with an antimicrobial treatment that ensures a higher degree of hygiene and sanitation. The trolley, characterised by rounded lines, without corners and sharp edges, allows optimum sanitation. The front compartment is equipped with removable trays in plastic material, placed on total extraction guides, configured to host medication bins for the personalized distribution of medication to the patients. The trays allow to organize the preparation of t he daily medication, facilitating the work of the hospital staff in charge of the different stages of medicine distribution. Each single medication bin on the tray is removable and stackable and is equipped with labels, 3 repositionable dividers and a protective sliding lid in transparent plastic. The medication bin has a universal hook at the rear side that allows it to be placed onto accessory-holder normalized bars. The bottom drawers are made of injection-moulded plastic, with rounded edges and interior, and integrated coloured handles, complete with label-holder. Easy-grip ergonomic handle. The trays and drawers are fitted on concealed total extraction steel guides, with spring damper closure and lev er-operated unhooking system. The trays and drawers are locked by means of a centralized locking system with key, located on the front. Each side is provided with 2 metal accessory-holder bars, while the left side is equipped with an additional pull-out worktop. The top is made of thermoformed ABS plastic, impact- and scratch-resistant, easy to wash and disinfect. The top is complete with a raised fluid retaining front edge and a built-in raiser on three sides which can be used as a push handle. The internal shaping of the built-in raiser provides an easy grip and enhances the manoeuvrability of the trolley. The trolley can be equipped with an upper accessory-holder structure fixed on the rear corners of the top, in two versions: h 30 cm or h 60 cm, or with further supports. The base, made of impact- and scratch-resistant thermoformed ABS plastic, is easy to wash and disinfect. Co mplete with rubber bumper wheels, it is equipped with 4 swivel wheels with a 125 mm diameter, of which 2 at the front with a foot-operated brake, assembled onto a steel frame. The trolley is supplied as standard with: - 12 total extractio n trays with 4 compartments for medication bins - 48 medication bins each one with 3 repositionable dividers with label and a sliding lid in transparent plastic dim. cm 9,8x36,2x6 ,5h - Two 45 cm drawers 22,5H, blue colour handle Dimensions cm 114x60x104 h Worktop h 100 cm. Weight: 86 kg

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