Electric bed 4 sections with weighing system, movement on compasses, polypropylene mattress platform, translating backrest, integrated bedlenghtner, electric trend and reverse trend - DELTA4 style bed range.

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Electric bed, 4-section, 3 of which jointed and 1 fixed centrally. Mattress platform made of polypropylene (PP),

easy to be removed and cleaned, with round edges and integrated mattress stoppers. During adjustment, the

roto-translating (auto-regression) backrest automatically shift backwards thus increasing the space on the pelvic

area by creating an extra space of 13 cm. This allows to reduce the pressure on the pelvis and sacral areas

(thus reduction of pressure ulcers), to enhance breathing and to avoid continuous repositioning of the patient on

the bed. The footrest area is manually adjustable by toothed rack and features a mechanical safety control to

avoid incorrect angles/counter rotations of the knee. At the foot end, the mattress platform features as a

standard an integrated extractable bed lengthener, which can be manually adjusted very easily, in two

positions, for a total length of 300 mm. In case of emergency, the backrest can be brought down manually

through a (CPR) quick release lever available on both sides of the bed; the lever can be easily located

irrespective of the position of the bed, even at lowest height and both with safety sides on or off.

The bed intermediate frame supporting the mattress platform hosts folding-down 4 section safety sides, in

polypropylene. The design of the sections guarantees a containment height of 41 cm above the mattress

platform and a total lateral containment surface for the patient, in compliance with the norms CEI EN


The exclusive weighing system was designed to guarantee a high level of precision independently

from the mattress platform’s position.

Thanks to the 4 sensors located at the corners of the bed, the load is better distributed and the reading level more accurate.

The weighing data can be recorded manually whenever necessary or automatically every 24 hours.

While the weight of the patient is monitored it is possible to set up different types of alerts: exceeded threshold weight alert or “bed exit” alert.

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