ARIA - Electric beds Intensive and Acute care, Incentro System, lateral tilt function and electric pedal controls.

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  • Electric bed, 4 sections, 3 of which jointed and 1 dynamic central section ("Incentro"), and lifting system on 2 electric telescopic columns.
  • The patented "Incentro system" performs a combined translation of the backrest and pelvis section which minimises the thrust generated by the inclination of the backrest and prevents the patient from sliding towards the bottom of the bed.
  • The radiotrasparent backrest section allows diagnostic examinations with the luminance amplifier and is prepared for the insertion of a sliding tray (accessory on request), for the X-ray plate.
  • The bed is equipped with an electric tilting system to simplify patient handling.
  • The bed is equipped with FOUR, moulded polypropylene, SECTOR SAFETY SIDES with a shock-absorbing flap movement, which are easy to clean and sanitise and guarantee a containment height of 45 cm above the mattress platform.
  • The electrical adjustment of the mattress platform is obtained by a control panel (SUPERVISOR) that can be hooked onto the foot board, for the exclusive use of the operator staff, by a control panel, for operator use, integrated outside the head safety sides and by a control panel, for patient use, integrated inside the head safety sides.
  • In case of emergency, the backrest can be brought down manually through a (CPR) quick release lever available on both sides of the bed; the levers are easily identifiable in all conditions of use.
  • A safety acoustic warning will be activated in case of connection to the electrical socket and unbraked wheels.
  • A pair of electric pedal controls, placed on both side of the bed, manage the variable height or lateral tilt adjustment of the bed by pushing the pedals.
  • The bed is equipped with a two-colour (orange/green) "safe exit" led system, positioned on the bed base, with the function of signalling if the bed is at minimum height (green led).
  • The bed is completely painted with epoxy powders containing BioCote.

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