Mattress Synstatù Comfort Sycura, two modules, with pyramid-shaped support surface, for general and specialized patients. Inclusive of cover. Dim. cm 195x85x14 h

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High-performance two-module static mattress with variable density, in open-cell polyurethane foam with pyramid-shaped support surface for general and specialized patients. The mattress is equipped with a special cover, waterproof, breathable, bielastic, antistatic, treated with Zeneca bacteriostatic and fungistatic system. Indicated for forced orthopaedic postures, it permits the cardiac massage and provides an adequate, comfortable and breathable support for prolonged bed confinement. Indicated for incontinent patients and for a  better epidemiological control. Medical device bearing the CE mark, performance standards certified by UNI 10707:2003, certified for the comfort and antidecubitus index (Ergocert D28) and certified in fire resistance class 1 IM. Safe working load from 30 kg up to 250 kg. Sag factor 2.86. Cover colour: ecru. Latex-free product. Radiotranslucent product.
Two-module static mattress with one-piece structure (with incisions at bending points) and one-piece cover. The base module (8 cm thick) has a cradle structure with containment edges (height 14 cm, width 7.5 cm) made of non-deformable polyurethane foam of the polyether 40S type with a high density (40 Kg/m3) and high bearing capacity (5.2 Kpa), so as to provide adequate support and safety and to permit the cardiac massage and the maintenance in time of forced orthopaedic postures for the patient.
The support surface (8 cm thick) is made of non-deformable polyether foam 35S, with density of 35 Kg/m3 and medium-high bearing capacity (3.5 kpa) with truncated pyramid-shaped support surface.
The modules in 35S, thanks to the special shape and the high resilience (elastic response), guarantee optimum posture and comfort for the various kinds of patients. Sag Factor 2.86 (ratio of 65% to 25% of the indentation force deflection values - minimum value 1.6). Water vapour permeability (breathability) d3/s 1.5 à?  5%  (UNI EN ISO 7231 lab. test indicative measures).
All the materials of which the padding is made have an open-cell structure to ensure high breathability.
The cover is in Sycura, ecru-coloured, a special coated fabric (150 g/m2) consisting of a microporous polyurethane membrane and an internal support made of polyester mesh. The Sycuraù cover is waterproof and impermeable to biological fluids, breathable (water vapour permeable > 300 g/m2 in 24 hours UNI 4818.26), bielastic to avoid  hammock effect, antistatic (prevents from the imbalance of electric charges), self-extinguishing, treated and certified with Zeneca bacteriostatic and fungistatic sanitary system, washable and decontaminable in washing machine or autoclave.
The Sycuraù cover is a full encasement with darts on the corners and is provided on one of the long sides and the two short sides  with a sturdy white-coloured nylon zipper with stainless slider.
The non-deformability and durability standards of the Synstatù Comfort Sycuraù mattress are certified at the strictest level (45,000 cycles) by a leading testing and certification laboratory in accordance with the UNI 10707 standard, rev. 2003 and the comfort and the antidecubitus index are certified in accordance with the ErgoCert D28 technical regulation.
The Synstatù Comfort Sycuraù mattress bears the CE mark as laid down by the European directive 93/42/EEC on Medical Devices.
The Synstatù Comfort Sycuraù mattress is certified in fire resistance class 1 IM by the Ministry of the Interior in accordance with the CSE RF 4/83 standard laid down in MD of 26/06/84 (UNI 9175 and UNI 9175/FA1 laid down in MD of 03/09/2001).
Instructions for use: the mattress is to use with the support surface corresponding to the truncated pyramid-shaped surface 35S (ecru colour), as written on the label, with the instructions, situated oppositely to the support surface and attached to the cover of the product.
The wrong use does not cause damage and does not compromise safety but it only does not allow for the optimal use of the product.
Registration on the Medical Devices Repertoire nr. 18842 - CND - GMND code: Y033306 - 35228
ISO code:
Weight 8,8 kg

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