Electric bed, adjustable height on two columns, with trend, reverse trend, and electrically operated bed lengthener from cm 157 to cm 197.

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Electric bed, 3 sections, height adjustable on two motorised vertical columns.
Lower base in tubular steel with epoxy-powder coating, completely free of obstructions, with four twin wheels diam. 150 mm, central brake.
Thermoformed ABS mattress platform wit h fixed HPL covering over the sliding footrest.
In the closed/standard position, the mattress platform has a length of cm 158 and can be electrically lengthened till cm 195 so that the bed can be used also by tall children.
The bed ends are made of mass coloured plastic material. The head side bed end can be removed, with a lever lock/unlock device, while the foot side bed end is fixed, as it integrates a control panel (electric cabling concealed inside the bed end) with the following electric functions:
- safety switch ON and OFF button, with led indicating the type of power source, e ither power net or battery, once the panel is in ON mode; Equipped with battery let signally the charging status, both when running on power net or on battery.
- height adjustment, with led indicated minimum height reached (arrow-low)
- backrest adjustment;
- mattress platform length adjustment;
- Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg adjustment;
- l ed calling for programmed maintenance or indicating an electric anomaly;
When the control panel remains unused for a few minutes the control box goes automatically into auto switch-off mode to cut down power
consumption. The system is activated again by pressing the switch-ON push-button.
The bed is equipped with an auxiliary rechargeable battery, allowing adjustments to be performed also while moving the bed or when the power connection is not available.
Sound alarm system for warning in case of connection to the power net and wheels not blocked.
The backrest is equipped with emergency release levers at both sides of the bed.
The bed is equipped with full-length protection 4-section side rails. Each section is equipped with a dampener assisting the lowering of the side rail section for a safe and silent descent.
The side rail sections are made of mass coloured plastic materi al duly structured in order to grant maximum safety and sturdiness. The shape of the sections was studied to ensure a height of 56 cm above the mattress platform to grant a total lateral containment surface for the patient.
The pelvis section of the mattress platform is fixed.
The footrest can be adjusted manually in more positions by a teeth rack; the adjustment of the footrest can be achieved independently from the extension
stage of the mattress platform.
All the components with epoxy-powder finishing are subject to special treatments that allow the best aesthetic functional result and durability. The epoxy powder coating is realized with the use of epoxy powders containing a particular antibacterial addi tive that grants wash-ability and disinfection; the detach-resistance of the coating is tested as per UNI EN ISO 2409 norm.
Technical features :
Mattress platform dimensions: cm 157 x 79
Mattress platform dimensions at maximum extension: cm 197 x 79
Over all dimensions: cm 183/219 x 98
Minimum variable height of mattress platform from the floor: cm 57
Maximum variable height of mattress platform from the floor: cm 97
Trend/Reverse Trend: 15°
Electrical features:
available in different voltages, line frequency and plugs according to the standards of the country of destination.
Tension: 24V
Isolation class: IP 44 CLASS II, TYPE ''B'', as per norms CEI 62/5 MEDICAL DEVICE, CLASS I, IN COMPLIANCE WITH THE EU DIRECTIVE 93/42/CEE, MODIFIED BY THE DIRECTIVE  2007/47/CE. APPLIED TECHNICAL NORMES: CEI EN 60601-1; CEI EN 60601-1-2; UNI CEI EN 60601-2-52. The bed is realized according to the production process in compliance with ISO certification 13485:2003CND CODE V0801.

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