Hospital fixed height crib, on wheels, with fixed side rails.

Crib in non-toxic-allergenic plastic material, complete with fixed side rails, made of transparent,

non-toxic-allergenic and unbreakable plastic material.

The mattress platform is made of stratified laminate and can be tilted in Trendelenburg and Rev. Trendelenburg positions with angles of 6° and 13°.

Epoxy powder-coated round steel tube frame with 4 twin wheels, at the base, 75 mm diameter, individually

Equipped with ventilation holes, in the bottom, and name plate and standardised accessory bar on both front

The crib can be cleaned and disinfected with the most common commercially available sanitary products.

Mattress: accessory on request.

Available colours: blue, orange, green.

Overall dimensions: cm 82x57x104 h.

Accessories: Art. 304024: Mattress.

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