Fixed height beds, 4-section, mattress platform made of ABS with gas-spring assisted adjustment

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Fixed height bed, 4-section, 3 of which jointed and 1 fixed centrally. Mattress platform made of thermoformed ABS, easy to be removed and cleaned, with round edges and integrated mattress stoppers. Base frame of epoxy-coated steel pipes to be equipped with wheels.
The bed intermediate frame of epoxy-coated steel pipes supporting the mattress platform can host either, swing-down, sliding-rail or 4 section safety sides;  on both sides of the intermediate frame there is an accessory/drainage-holder metal bar with 2 mobile sliding plastic hooks, each one with a 3 kg capacity. Frame provided with proper housings for patient lifting pole and I.V. poles at the 4 corners.
Plastic bumper wheels protect the four corners of the bed.
During adjustment, the roto-translating backrest automatically shifts backwards to compensate patient pressure on the mattress: this allows to avoid continuous repositioning of the patient on the bed , to reduce the pressure on the plexus/pelvis areas to enhance breathing and to make the patient
posture significantly more comfortable. By roto-translation the backrest shifts 11 cm backwards.
Backrest and footrest can be adjusted by gas springs controls with gradual release, hand-operated by levers located on both sides of the bed.
The footrest area is manually adjustable through teeth racks and features a mechanical safety control to avoid incorrect angles/counter rotations of the knee.
The bed frame is equipped with 4 legs of 60 mm diameter pipes on which the chosen type of wheels will be assembled; the bed frame also features 4 hooking areas for a possible subsequent insertion of a base frame turning the fixed height bed into a height adjustable bed.
The bed ends are embedded in dedicated receptacles with a safety lock preventing pulling-away, that can be unlocked by small levers integrated in the structure
Epoxy powders coating finish, with antibacterial additive BioCote, based on silver ions, enhancing sanitising.
Technical data:
Mattress platform height: cm 53
Mattress platform dimensions: cm 200x84
Overall dimensions without side rails: cm 218x93
Backrest section: 0°- 70°
Knee-break section: 0°- 25°
Safe working load: 190 Kgs
Weight: 75 kg.
MEDICAL DEVICE, CLASS I, IN COMPLIANCE WITH EU DIRECTIVE 93/42/CEE, REVISED BY DIRECTIVE 200/47/CE. APPLIED TECHNICAL NORMES: CEI EN 60601-1; UNI CEI EN 60601-2-52. The bed is realized according to the production process in compliance with ISO certification ISO 9001 and 13485. CND CODE Y181207. REPERTORIO D.M. N. 999620/R

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