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ONEday 4-section electric stretcher for long hospital stays with adjustment system on 2 couples of compass-leverages, ABS mattress sections, translating backrest, extendible mattress platform, electric trendelenburg and reverse-trendelenburg adjustments. Base frame in epoxy-coated steel pipes featuring wheels with breaks at its extremities.
200 mm diameter wheels with fifth wheel at the centre of the base frame, activated through the brake-unlock pedal.
Intermediate frame with six-strut high-containing folding side rails (H 38 cm) and metal accessory-holder bars (for drainage) on both sides, with 2 mobile sliding hooks in plastic material.
Equipped with proper housings at the head side corners for patient-lifting pole, I.V. pole and dedicated accessories. Height adjustment performed by 2 low-voltage electric actuators (24 V) for a maximum safe lifting load of 260 kg.
Electric controls on 'SATELLITE' push-button control panel as a standard, on a flexible support enabling the adjustment of the mattress sections, of the height and of the trendelenburg and reverse trendelenburg positions.
When the push-button control panel remains unused for a few minutes, it goes automatically into auto switch-off mode, cutting down power consumption. Enhanced battery-pack, with day-long operating time, dedicated battery charger for a full and fast recharge. A sound alarm system warns in case of connection to the electrical grid and wheels not blocked. Backrest provided with roto-translating movement: when raised, it shifts backwards up to 11 cm, compensating the patient pressure on the mattress. In case of emergency, the backrest (CPR) and the knee-break can be brought down manually through quick release levers on both sides. The leg-rest section area is adjustable manually through teeth racks. Extendible mattress platform, thanks to a pull-out section (up to 18 cm) adjustable in 2 position by means of a handle, easy to operate with one hand without removing the foot end panel. The end panels of the stretcher are made of plastic material with inserted pipes and reinforcement in painted steel, with integrated push-handles. The end panels are designed to host the air mattress compressor, a monitor holder and a patient's bag. The frame of the stretcher is painted with epoxy-powders and BioCote, an antibacterial additive based on silver ions, easing sanification. Normalised steel bar to support medical ventilators. Mattress extension holder.

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