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Emergency trolley, complete of pre-configurated accessories, UNIko Fly, with n. 8 guides.

The structural body of the trolley is made by assembling composite materials, each one of which is chosen to optimise the functionality, reliability and sanitising of the product. Defined by an attentive ergonomic study, it guarantees maximum stability in every condition of use and offers excellent manoeuvrability, even when fully loaded. The base is moulded in mass-coloured Baydur/Rim, impact-resistant, scratch-resistant, easy to wash and disinfect, self-extinguishing. The sides are made of bearing perimeter profiles of extruded aluminium with internal panelling in epoxy-polyester powder coated plate.
The Fly top moulded in mass-coloured baydur/rim, shockproof, scratchproof, easy to wash and disinfect, self-extinguishing, has 2 side drawers. The one on the left is intended to contain objects and/or small medicines. And/or drugs and features a pull-out writing board. The right drawer acts an additional worktop and/or laptop support, complete with pull-out tablet for using the mouse and a bottom compartment that can be used to store a transformer with a power cable. The drawers are closed by means of a centralised lock and key, located on the front edge. There is a built-in raiser on three sides, with push-handle function.. The front edge is raised to contain spills. The front compartment can be fitted in different configurations using 'Uniko' drawers in injection-moulded plastic with a front label holder, made in 4 colours and 2 modular heights.
The ABS drawers can slide out on nylon guides with a safety stop and have a label holder profile. The drawer guides can also hold trays with ISO dimensions (600x400 mm).
The broad solid base that also acts as an all-round bumper is supplied as standard with 4 wheels with diameter 125 mm, 2 of which with a foot-operated brake.

The Emergency trolley is supplied as standard with:
2 ISO drawers h 70 mm
3 ISO drawers h 145 mm
5 label-holder profiles for ISO drawers
1 divider kit for ISO drawer h 70 mm
1 divider kit for ISO drawer h 145 mm
1 frontal closing flap with single-use seals
1 I.V. rod, height-adjustable, 4 hooks
1 defibrillator holder support
1 oxygen cylinder holder
1 cardiac massage board
2 accessory-holder side bars
1 support for secretions container
1 suction pump housing
Dim. cm 89x67x160 h
Weight: 56 kg
Medical Device, Class I, in compliance with the European Directive 93/42/CEE, modified by directive 2007/47/CE.

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