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Sustainability policy

Malvestio’s awareness of the importance of sustainability is not limited to the internal perimeter of the company. Today it is quite evident that the only possible economic model for all of us is that of sustainable development, theorized as early as 1987 in the Report “Our Common Future” by the UN World Commission on Environment and Development, better known as the Bruntland Commission. Today it is necessary to approach the market taking into consideration not only the economic aspects, but also the social, ethical, environmental and economic ones that the company brings along the entire value chain, also in the light of the New European Green Deal that challenges us on the issue of decarbonisation of the European continent by 2050. For this reason, the company pays particular attention:

• to the environmental impacts that it measures and keeps under control,
• to the rationalization of the production process to avoid waste of primary resources and energy, using in some contexts the logic of circular economy,
• the management of all risk profiles (product, market, financial approach).

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